Sept. 30, 2022

Ep. 2: Winning the hearts and minds of engineers

Ep. 2: Winning the hearts and minds of engineers

In this episode, Asim Razzaq tackles the motivational aspect of software engineering. A lot of companies miss the mark when it comes to motivating engineers, and Asim will elaborate why they leave and how they can be motivated to stay on longer.

[01:48] Defining Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

[03:05] Problems with Extrinsic Motivation in Companies

[03:55] Three Pillar Solution for Companies

[04:32] Mastery

[05:11] Purpose

[06:31] Autonomy

[07:40] Conclusion


What Motivates You?

According to Daniel Pink, software engineers are often motivated by intrinsic aspects. This puts them in a state of mind in which they are driven by their work on personal and individualistic methods. With this, most companies are not aware that this type of motivation applies well to many experts in the field. Unfortunately, they seldom miss the mark, as most employees are accustomed to have a more extrinsic base of motivation, which is when a worker is highly swayed by material or external factors.


For the Long Haul

In order for companies to hold on to their engineers, they must be able to identify and evaluate what type of training and motivational methods they can use to keep them at high-performing levels. When it comes to engineers, the best solution allows them to flourish in their craft, help them define a purpose in what they do, and create an idea that explains why, how, and what their products can do.


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